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In The Begging: Building bridges across cultural divide.
Considering the volatile socio-political realm, and in recognition of United Nations Day for Peace, September 21, 2017, a unique simultaneous poster exhibit curated by Pasaj Collaborative took place, bringing Iranian and American designers side by side – in a poster exhibition about peace.

[ 2017: Iran + USA ]
Tehran-Iran and Oklahoma-USA: for the first time Iranian graphic designers, were placed side-by-side with 20 posters by their American counterparts, and other nationalities across the globe, all expressing their visions for Peace. All audiences were confronted with one united message: that of inherent humanistic desire for Peace.

[ 2017: Expansion of Host Sites & Archive ]
Due to interests workshops have traveled across the world to cities and institutions, interacting with communities across the demographic range, towards a discussion of design, beauty, peace. In 2017 the exhibit and workshops occurred in Imam-Ali Cultural Center (Yazd, Iran) as well as the Wingate School of Art & Design (Arkansas, USA) 

[ 2018 : Iran + USA + Mexico ]
The international invitational poster exhibition took place in Querétaro City Museum ( Mexico) and a simultaneous exhibit at Illinois State University, Center for Visual Arts (USA). Posters from Iran and USA were joined by 20 new poster designs from Mexico, co-curated by Carlos M. Gonzalez.
The exhibit continued to the Kermanshah Graphic Design Association (Kermanshah, Iran) , UCI Samuel Jordan Center (Irvine, USA).

[ 2018 : Mexico Poster Biennial & Design Congress ]
The collection 20×20 Posters For Peace was accepted into the exhibits of 15th International Poster Biennial of Mexico (Xalapa, Mexico) bringing the 60 peace posters from Iran, USA and Mexico to an international audience of scholars, respected designers and artist from across the world.

[ 2018: Workshops : Interaction With The Community ]
The 20×20 Exhibition of Peace posters brings forth a golden opportunity to create new and fresh perspectives on how the realm of visual arts and graphic design can approach the age old human instinct and demand for Peace.
Hence, lectures and hands-on workshops accompany the traveling exhibition. Interaction with the community and students has produced a traveling archive of work that travels with the exhibit across the globe.

[ 2019 : Mexico Poster Biennial & Design Congress ]
In coordination with China’s Republic Centennial Celebrations, 20×20 Posters For Peace was invited to Wenzhou Library, China. 20 Chinese designers added their poster designs to the archive, totaling 80 posters, from Iran, USA, Mexico and now, China. 2019’s guest co-curator was Li Xu, founder and art director of Beijing Art A&B Design, and currently Assistant Professor of Beijing Institute of Graphic Communication,China


[Pasaj Collaborative Founders]

Pouya Jahanshahi

An Iranian-American graphic designer and educator, migrated from his home country of Iran, during the destructive Iran-Iraq War. Mr. Jahanshahi received his MFA in Graphic design and Integrated Media, from California Institute of the Arts (CalArts), and is currently Assistant Professor of Graphic Design at Oklahoma State University. His research focuses on the global development of what he terms “Hybrid Visual Cultures”, where cross-pollination of cultures have resulted in the birth of new visual realms and typographic forms. Current projects include working on an independent documentary film pertaining to the rise of Iranian Graphic Design. Mr. Jahanshahi is currently                  

Zahra Pashaie

An Iranian designer, researcher and graphic design instructor, Ms. Pashahei has presented her art works in international art and design exhibitions across the world. She is an active member of Iranian Graphic Design Society (IGDS) has published several articles for books, magazines and art websites. Ms. Pashaei is clients reside in and cultural spheres of Iran , where she is active in her design studio, while conducting research on Iran’s graphic history.