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“Peace cannot be kept by force; it can only be achieved by understanding.”
— Albert Einstein.

20×20: Posters For Peace:
The international invitational poster exhibition 

Commanding the visual realm of the public sphere, posters have long been the medium of choice to communicate matters of urgency and social change. Whether by pure agitation, or by indirect confrontation posters act as a one-to-one voice – a personal message from the designer to the audience. Furthermore as a platform for interaction with society at large, posters bring forth the dedication of the designer and the social responsibility that has come to be placed on their shoulders – as communicators of the voice of dissent and social change.

Considering the current volatile socio-political realm, this inaugurating exhibition by Pasaj Cultural Collaborative strives to bring forth this voice, presenting 20 posters from prominent Iranian graphic designers, side-by-side with 20 posters by other international graphic designers: towards an expression of solidarity through design, and a united voice for peace

Inaugurating Exhibit in 2017 
For the first time Iranian graphic designers, were placed side-by-side with 20 posters by their American counterparts as well as other nationalities across the globe, all expressing their visions of Peace in an international environment more hostile in recent memories. Furthermore these expressions were displayed simultaneously in Tehran, ( Capital of Iran ) – in a transformed jail facility – and in Stillwater, Oklahoma, USA – a “Red” state proud of its conservative perspectives. Yet all audiences were confronted with one united message – that of inherent humanistic desire for equality and peace.

This event was put together in the recognition of United Nations Day for Peace, September 21, 2017.

Pasaj Manifesto
Geographic realms and age old synthetic boundaries have divided humanity throughout time. In twenty first century the global village has provided pathways for bridging such boundaries, hence creating a residence status in this abstract realm:

Pasaj (passage) – in a status of in-betweenness
In this realm we believe that as humans we are created equal, and yearn for understanding, unity and harmony, is as old as humanity existence.

As an interdisciplinary/ art and cultural collaborative, we at Pasaj strive to create events and spaces for such bonding to take place.

Open Invitation to Collaborate
We invite collaborators and audiences across the globe to join us on this endeavor